Law. Innovation. Technology. Tomorrow.

We are catalysts for change in the legal industry by creating the lawyers of the future. Let’s get L.I.T.T.!

The legal fraternity is not immune to the fourth industrial revolution.  Lawyers need to leverage technology to deliver improved efficiency and services to their clients and take advantage of the benefits of exponential growth of emerging technologies.  In addition, justice is only accessible to a select few that are capable of affording it.  Through leveraging technology and social innovation, cost effective solutions can be created to ensure that access to justice is commonplace.  In the future, the traditional legal business model will change, and those that start taking steps towards the future will benefit, and those that don’t are at risk of being disrupted.

In the South African market, there is little information on legal technology as well as how to go about implementing innovative solutions in a legal environment. The objective of the L.I.T.T. Institute is to up-skill lawyers with the tools and skills required to become disruptors and prepare the South African (and international) legal community for the future of law.  The goals of the Institute are to:

  1. Raise awareness of and educate the legal community about legal technology and the future of law.
  2. Connect the South African legal tech community both locally, and globally.
  3. Assist and advise innovators and organisations, including startups and corporates, in implementing innovative legal solutions.

The Institute will offer:

  • A growing source of online information and links to resources on legal tech and innovation.
  • Events and forums allowing for thought leadership presentations as well as interaction and networking.
  • Training and workshops to upskill both the legal fraternity and law students.

The L.I.T.T. Institute is a Nerushka Bowan company.